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Why white dorpers?
SA Championships 2004

This breed has proved to be the best suited to produce a top quility slaughter lamb on natural grazing - a well muscled carcass with low bodyfat as favoured by the consumer. The White Dorper is also an excellent mutton ram to use in a cross breeding programme with wool ewes and will provide a quick growing lamb with a high quality carcass and skin.

Use the breed that has a high feed efficiency and can effectively utilize even low quality grazing.

In addition to a 12 month breeding season with a high conception rate, ewes lamb at regular intervals and have a high twinning percentage.

The white Dorper is a hardy mutton breed which is resistant to severe condidtions but also reacts favourable to good conditions and requires the absolute minimum labour:
**No shearing
**Easy lambing
**Excellent mothers
**Good temperament

Mother ability of the white dorper ewe is outstanding. The ewe being a very good milk producer, ensures good growth at an early age enabling marketing at weaning age.

The Kasteel White Dorper Stud was the first White Dorper breeder to export embrios to Canada. Since 1994 we also export to Australia, Switzerland and Argentina. Kasteel White Dorper Genetics are also exported to China, U.S.A, New Zealand and other countries around the world.

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